cat in a box

Personal delivery from A to B

  • not only cats

“It’s like a public transport service, but for my goods.”

“Do you know someone you would trust to carry a cat in a box?”


The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a sharp increase in demand for delivery services. Companies are buying new vans to meet the increased demand – but many already existing vehicles are not yet fully loaded. 
We solve the problem of increasing demand for delivery in general and for urban-rural exchange in particular: Motivated drivers or commuters publish their unused transport capacities through our system for a more sustainable way of delivery services from A to B.


🚗 You are a driver or commuter and still have transport capacities to take a cat in a box* for someone in need?
Publish your ride and get kudos!

🐈 You can’t bring your mother’s cat in a box* back to her house because of Corona and need someone to bring?
Find your ride and make someone happy!

* or any other object of similar size, weight and emotional value


Nadine Minagawa – Design and UX specialist
Barbara Hallama – Agile Coach and Innovation Facilitator
Yan Minagawa – Project Lead and Mobility Creactivist
Tristan Marsell – Frontend BusyBee and Technology Scout
Ronan Schwarz – Technical Allround Weapon
Daniela Hölzer – Marketing and Realworld Connector
Tobias Derksen – Engine Room and Cloud Expert

This is our contribution to the #EUvsVirus Hackathon 2020.